I fully admit I have a tool obsession. For our anniversary this year my husband got me a nail gun and for Christmas I got lithium batteries for my tools. I only own two pairs of jeans which I refuse to spend more than $30 on, but the amount of money I drop at home depot is starting to rival my target bill. SO yea, its pretty serious. They actually know me at home depot now. That might sound a little depressing, but I am thrilled people have stopped asking me if I need help. Do I look like I need help man handling this lumber? I might not be able to control the rickety cart with 300 pounds of wood on it but I would rather run myself over with my own cart than interact with another human. 

Since I am 27 years old and still obsessed with MTV I needed to throw it back and fully embrace how embarrassing my TV and life choices are.

True life: I am a tool hoarder.

I have been building for less than a year and already own more tools than most men I know. Seriously, my husbands friends ask to borrow things from ME. 

Before we get started, REMEMBER…. this is not where I started. I have upped my hoarding significantly over the past year. You do not need all of this to start building. As my husband told me last night, before I started building, I didn’t know how to use a screwdriver. Not accurate, but you get the idea. Start with the basics, borrow a lot, and have fun with it. 



Some of the biggest (and most frequently used) tools are saws. Most specifically, my miter saw! When I first for started I was using a Dewalt sliding miter saw with a stand. 

Its beautiful, I know. BUT it didn’t belong to me. So now I am using a Ryobi 12 inch sliding miter saw AND I LOVE IT! The saw I use and recommend is a 12″ sliding compound miter saw. That means you can make miter and bevel cuts, cut though 4 X 4’s and boards as wide as 12″. There are some super affordable, good quality saws out there for you to get started! You can find one HERE !

Another super helpful borrow has been a Ryobi table saw. So far I have only used it to rip the edges off of 2X material so I don’t need to invest in my own yet. This is something I want to drop some $$$ on so I don’t risk ripping my fingers off. For now, I am safe and use a very professional push stick made out of…. a scrap dowel. We fancy. 

Finally, I have a Ryobi Circular saw and Ryobi Jig saw. A jig saw definitely isn’t necessary, but it comes in handy for some fun cuts! A circular saw is a great tool to have and can be used in place of a table saw to make rip plywood that is too long for your miter saw. You can find it HERE at Home Depot. 



I actually have WAY too many drills. My husband repairs appliances so between us we have a good 8-10 drills. BUT my most used are my Kobolt and my Ryobi 18 V.


After an incident involving a sheet sander exploding in my hand – I decided it was time to update my situation. I have a Ryobi orbital sander and have had zero incidents of shrapnel flying around my shop. My other is a Rigid belt sander and DAMN is that thing a work out. It is also a serious time saver compared to the orbital sander when making something like a dining room table. 

These are LIFE SAVERS. My Kreg Jig was one of my first big purchases and I can’t recommend it more. I use it on every project. I have the Kreg Jig 4. There are a few different models but this one works perfect for me. I also have a Kreg Accu-cut which is a must have if you don’t have a table saw. You can use a circular saw to make long rip cuts. WIN! 


This was a gift and I am obsessed with it. At first I was using a nail gun with a compressor, but that noise makes me crazy. And I was so worried I was going to blow up my shop. So yeah, this was a life saver and it makes you feel awesome! I have the Ryobi 18V Brad Nailer. 


I just so happen to have massive eyeballs. They are extremely prone to flying shrapnel (as mentioned above) and I don’t need anything else to go wrong with them. Wear. Safety. Glasses. All the time. Because let me tell you, a little bit of dust feels like kitty litter in your eye. You also need a mask. As unfortunate as it is, I pay asbestos claims all day at work. You have NO idea what kind of shit you are breathing into your lungs. Neither did these people and now they are sick AF. I have an RZ mask. It looks awesome and works really well. Check out their IG and website.  


There are some smaller things you will definitely need in your shop to make your life a little easier. These are easy finds at your local hardware store. You will need/ be so happy to have a good drill bit set, a speed square, mechanical pencils, 10000000 clamps, a tape measure, a flat work surface, a hammer and rubber mallet, rubber gloves, wood glue, kreg screws and wood screws of various sizes.

Remember, safety first then team work. Keep your area clean, be safe and measure twice. 


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